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NorthStar Triathlon and Fitness provides a positive atmosphere for you to achieve your goals in the multi-sport life. You will benefit from the group workouts, social atmosphere and the advice of our coaches. Most of all you will have FUN!

NorthStar Triathlon and Fitness coaches always coach the group workouts and show up knowing that the official workouts are not their own personal training sessions. We never leave a person behind or leave the athlete feeling like he/she was intimidated or did not receive personal attention.

There is always a beginner lane at swim practice, one of the coaches always brings the last cyclist in on rides, and we run/walk with people at the runs. We try our best to make everyone feel comfortable in an extremely intimidating scene to some.

Membership Includes:

It only costs $230 annually to join our team.

Annual team membership runs January 1st through December 31st.

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